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Photo sharpening by marcello


This tutorial is prepared with Photoshop, but I believe that any other program offering similar filters can be used to achieve desired effect.

It work just fine with most of pictures taken with digital cameras
1. Open you digital photo.

2. Copy it content to another layer (You can do it by menu Layer->Duplicate layer, or just dragging Background layer over Create a new layer in Layers Docker)

3. Choose created layer (should be over the original picture) and apply High Pass Filter (Filter->Other->High Pass...). Default adjustment is 10 radius - usually work just fine, but you can change this value for different resolutions.

4. Change the channel blending mode to Soft Light. It is almost ready

5. The last thing we can do is to change the value of layer opacity to achieve the best effect without too much contrast

6. Last thing is to merge those layers and save te picture.

7. Effect is quite subtle but it changes the picture a lot (not very visible on this jpg but if you try, you will see clearly the difference)

For those who are very lazy i prepared action recorded in Photoshop :) [download]

Enjoy - marcello


created and designed by marcello